I am the Head of Digital for a well known global organisation's operations in Asia. My remit covers 5 key business units in 14 markets across Asia. I drive change within my organization to ensure its future digital readiness in an ever more digital world. Known as a creative and versatile communications and marketing guru with a diverse portfolio of professional experience. Specializing in digital media and marketing, creative direction and concepts.

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"Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one." Robert Rose

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Positivity: Positive emotions get more initial views

Well, this is good to know! I may be sounding sarcastic, but I do not mean to. It sounds like common sense that people are more inclined to read positive posts, tweets and news. Are we really entirely sure of that?

Back to basics: Social media isn’t free

I was reading Jeff Bulla’s recent post, “Is it Time to Forget Free Social Media Marketing?“, which should be a good wake up call for a whole lot of digital marketers out there.  The forever rising social media marketing budgets is of no surprise to many strategists. The Facebooks of the world need to survive too just […]

Social networks, community and trust: do or die for 2014

Most of us have set forth for 2014 with very clear business objectives in mind. From where I sit professionally I have been meeting teams talking to me about their numbers, leads, conversions, reach and more. The ‘more’ being more KPI’s around numbers – more and more numbers. 

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I lead on my organisation's regional digital transformation and innovation as a means to become increasingly audience centric, drive customer engagement and improve brand sentiment to ultimately improve our ROI.

What I do: Holistic digital transformation, innovation & strategy - User experience design & research - Full 360 digital marketing - Strategic digital comms/online PR - Web and mobile application design & development - Analytics, digital market segmentation & persona research - Social media reputation management & community building - Marketing and creative strategy - Brand development and management - Agile project management in Scrum and Kanban

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