I was reading Jeff Bulla’s recent post, “Is it Time to Forget Free Social Media Marketing?“, which should be a good wake up call for a whole lot of digital marketers out there.  The forever rising social media marketing budgets is of no surprise to many strategists. The Facebooks of the world need to survive too just like any company. So, what does that mean for businesses that use social media? Pay up or ship out?

Well you should really pay up. I mean you don’t go to a fancy restaurant for next to nothing, right? Everything has a price, but then again there is the law of diminishing returns. My friends and I could just keep ordering food at the fancy restaurant, but there comes a point where eating more would just make us sick.

I am seeing the seeds now of what we all saw with the PPC rush a few years ago with FB ads. Digital marketers start with an entree a of the budget to maintain visibility. Quickly you notice others enjoying a main course, so you get onto that too. Spend goes up and Facebook is happy to take your marketing spend. Slowly but surely it spirals out of control. I’m sure in a year’s time there will be many of you who will  scratching your heads, defending your poor ROI to your managers.

By this time, your customers will be sick and tired of the same adverts you put onto social media day in and day out. It is a losing game. Really you should be getting back to basics. Good content, great planning, snappy messaging, using influencers, etc. etc. all based on good solid insights.

Now I am not saying not to any advertising on social media at all. Just find a bit more balance and work your basics well.

Some food for thought. Signing out.


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