I recently read this article on SBS Australia: Social media ‘make young seem more aggro’. It makes an astute observation of our manners online and that the trend is getting worse.

I really have to support this view. With the wealth of social media out there calling out for short messaging (e.g. Twitter has a 140 character limit) you better get straight to the point. Combine this with the fact that we have a ton of information bombarding us by the minute, who really wants a long messsage anyway?

The issue for me is that in the future people are and will lose the notion of simply being polite and using common courtesy. On one hand we are all connected, have a access to huge groups of people, but on the other we will probably just end being rude as well.

Just a quick thought. I am not suggesting it always like this. It is a trend, but if instead of making us rude and curt we become more concise with our communication, could be a great thing too.

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