In my travels around Asia for work I am forever being bombarded with proposals related to all things digital. Things like Facebook campaigns, vlog strategies, content syndication and so much more. I generally like to assess how these items fall into play in a sales funnel – a sales journey for a customer. I’ve notice that many people use digital in the workplace like they would at home. The problem with this approach is that, left unchecked in the workplace leads to a silo or detached approach to an activity that is in fact part of the bigger picture.

Some would argue that the sales funnel will lose its validity as brands and we move into the future. Sure it may not be as linear as it once it once was, but customers still follow a process in their minds when deciding to purchase.

People in your workplace charged with managing or working on digital need to be aware these customer processes. They need to be not siloed in their approach, but more strategic in their activity. Digital folk should be considering more interaction with the marketing, tech, sales and customer service teams.

Doing so will yield more consistent understand of the customer across functional teams. In turn digital can reach and be more meaningful to the customer. Hopefully the result will be that you lead more and more of your customers along a sales journey, which will in turn increase the validity of the your sales funnel. Food for thought.

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