Well, this is good to know! I may be sounding sarcastic, but I do not mean to. It sounds like common sense that people are more inclined to read positive posts, tweets and news. Are we really entirely sure of that?

On so many forums and networks there are just so many trolls online. It seems at times that many feed off trolls, construed “funny” tweets of people’s misfortune and the like. So enough, of the negative.

I was so happy to read in Kelsey Libert’s (@Fractl @KelseyLibert) article on sharing, that positive adjectives lead to more sharing than negative adjectives. 

As she states, “Descriptors like greatesthappiestcutesthilarious, and adorable were more frequent than negative adjectives.”

Awesome, I have to say. Fractl the agency where Kelsey is a partner, also has done a previous study on positive emotions. It also noted that positive emotions lead to more initial views.

So, trolls read it and weep. Being positive on social media is better than being negative.

To the rest of us, I say, “keep on smiling and stay positive!”.

Signing out.

If you are interested, you can read Kelsey’s post here: This Study of 2.6 Billion Shares Reveals Which Platforms and Publishers Dominate Social

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