Most of us have set forth for 2014 with very clear business objectives in mind. From where I sit professionally I have been meeting teams talking to me about their numbers, leads, conversions, reach and more. The ‘more’ being more KPI’s around numbers – more and more numbers. 

Numbers are important, but one thing crucially missing in all these meetings is talk about the teams’ communities and audiences – especially when it comes to social networks. There’s been no talk about leveraging communities, what their needs specifically are or what conversations they may like to have with us. So what, you may ask? A lot especially when it comes to word of mouth and reputation.

Your online audience and community is everything IMHO. Their perception and trust of your brand will depend mostly on a world driven by social networks. How do you expect to generate leads and conversions if you are not even talking about building trust for your brand with your community? This is a FAIL.  What I am talking about is not new, but a kind reminder to us all that communities and trust matter.  2014 for most of us will be very hectic year in an ever-crowded marketplace. Yes, we have to bring the business in, but I am sure success is more likely with the trust of your community.

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