I just finished reading an article on how Klout is now a factor for recruiters. The future is here and now. Now that Klout is here there is another dimension for recruiters to judge you on. I am just not sure that this has its merits. I myself do not have a great Klout score, but on the other hand I manage other peoples digital marketing (ranging from SEO, SEM, SMM, FB pages, Twitter marketing, etc). As you can imagine I can’t include all this work in my Klout score, but I still think it makes me rather influential. It is just that Klout cannot measure this. Is there a way that it can or another “klout” like metric that does?

The thing with Klout is that it measures your personal pages or FB account, Twitter account and +Google account. It is very limiting. It also has a metric based on the +K’s of topics given to you by others. With FB you can simply have a lot of friends that you chat crap with. With the activity you generate you can actually achieve a good Klout score.  I also have been experimenting on Empireavenue too. It is a site which incentivizes social activity. I can if I wish have “missions” where I provide a reward (incentive) for people to +K me, for example.  What can we see here is that for some raising you Klout is not as transparent or “game” free as it should be.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Klout is onto a good thing, I just think it could be better. Also good for them to the people who have the time to play the “game”. But, there are people like  myself, with relatively good content working on behalf of others, brands, companies who are influential. How can Klout measure this? Is there a way to for Klout to refine the “game players” from those who are influential? If it could then using a Klout score for recruiters or any other sort of personal measurement would make more sense.

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