As most of us are acutely aware Facebook Home is here and to stay. How will the latest play by Facebook affect the way businesses engage customers? I can tell you one thing it is the smartest move by Facebook yet. The world is going mobile faster than ever, Google/Android is solidifying its place in the market and maybe the world is getting tired of Apple. It is interesting times indeed and it is only the start of things to come.

It was only a few years ago, many of us would be mulling over campaigns with minimal reference to mobile, little knowledge over how our audiences used mobile and our design teams still focusing on desktop UI. How far have we come and still to go when I take the subway, seeing most able people on their mobile devices. They are scrolling, tapping, gazing and engaging.

Facebook through its Facebook Home play will no doubt move it towards possibly becoming the backbone of the future of mobile. This may be a far-fetched concept for some. Just think for a minute the level of capital Facebook has its disposal. Think just how much innovation and R&D Facebook (and Google) currently do. They have reached a point of “super cruise” development with all the market intelligence any organization would ever need.

For businesses the opportunity to leverage Facebook will not come cheap. It will take a whole lot of creativity, ingenious planning and excellent market insights to breakthrough all the noise on Facebook Home. My key take away from the last couple of weeks is no matter what your business is to get on the mobile train. Make it easy for your audiences to enjoy their mobile experiences and make seamless journeys for them when move between Facebook Home and your other digital (hopefully) mobile assets.

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